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 A team union of & (non-ordered!) @ August 19th, 2004

 Started upon working on a mutual project " projects">KUniv DB"


ProjectInfoDate (D.M.Y H:M)
KUinv Student Info FetcherA full database of ALL Kuwait University's student names and their ID's04.12.2003 10:18
BTreeWe built a BTree Data Structure, not a big deal but was fun!TBA
Student Advisory System (SAS)A software engineering project to build a SASTBA
Job PortalA job portal for employers to post jobs and employees to request their's!26.01.2005 06:15
HalwasA JournaLA site to make fun of the stupid things in Kuwait University & anything related to it!15.06.2005 13:31
KCIF(more info soon)TBA
Khalid Al-Zanki's PlagiarismA compilation of posts showing Khalid's plagiarism, fraud & scam techniques24.08.2010

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